Types of Fruits


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Fruits are known to be the powerhouse of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Explore the list of healthy fruits and pick the best ones for your diet!

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Though all fruits are nutritious, proportions of their nutritional contents are different. Compare fruits on the basis of their nutrition, benefits and calories!

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Citrus fruits are relished for their sour-tangy taste that stimulates the taste buds. Known for their strong flavor and high vitamin C content, they offer a healthy delight to our body.

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Fruits that are not native and cultivated outside, are known as Exotic fruits. These fruits are known for their odd shapes, unusual structure and strange names. Compare Exotic Fruits here!

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Fruits produced from trees native to tropical regions are called as Tropical Fruits. These regions are known for unique fruit growing conditions. Get the list of popular tropical fruits.

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Spring brings a feast of tasty and healthy fruits called as Spring Fruits. It is said that 'Spring Cleans your diet'! Compare spring fruits and pick the best one for your health diet!

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Winter fruits are a healthy solution for winter cravings as we need high metabolism rate in this season. Due to high antioxidants, they help you fight seasonal disorders.

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Berries are small fruits that lack in seeds and can be eaten whole. They are known for their delicious taste and tempting looks. Antioxidants in berry fruits help fight oxidative stress.

Health Benefits of Fruits

Nutritional value and calorie count play an Important role in deciding the health benefits of fruits. Almost all types of fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals which helps boost the immunity system and maintain the overall well-being. It is recommended that you eat them raw and fresh rather than in canned form or as juices. Depending upon nutritional content and structure, they are classified as Melon Fruits, Citrus Fruits, Berry Fruits, Tropical Fruits, Fruit Vegetable and Tree Fruits.

Following are some of their health benefits:

  • Fruits are well known sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are essential nutrients for optimal health.
  • Some fruits contain 80-90% water which helps you stay hydrated.
  • They are a rich source of fiber which aids digestion and prevents problems like gastritis and constipation.
  • Regular consumption of fruits reduces the risk of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, kidney stones etc.
  • Fruits are Instant Energy Suppliers and are mostly recommended for weight loss programme.

Why is Fruit Comparison Important?

Why is Fruit Comparison Important? Almost all fruits are healthy and good source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. But if you are following a specific diet, it is essential to know the nutritional value of the fruits before your consume them or add them to your health routine. Fruitvs.com provides you the sorted information about all types of fruits. Fruits are categorized according to the season as Summer Fruits, Winter Fruits, Monsoon Fruits and Autumn Fruits. Our comparison tool helps you compare fruits on the basis of their calories, nutritional value, benefits and much more! So go ahead and choose the best fruits for your diet!